Deadly Sixteen – Here in August

Deadly-Sixteen-Cover-Ebook-Front-WebI think I must be insane. I just wrote the last words to “Deadly Sixteen”, my next novel, and now I’m back working on the squeal to “Death on The Point”. I actually started the later novel first. I stopped when I got the idea for Deadly Sixteen. I was amazed how easy it was to go from the 16 year old girl’s story to the 17 year old teen boy’s story. I guess I must have a split personality? Anyway, Deadly Sixteen will be out for Cheeseburger in Caseville. It’s a longer story, as it covers 300 years of Detroit history. It is a mystery, and was fun to write.

When I started Deadly Sixteen, I knew that I would have to do some research. As I got into the story, I discovered I needed to dig deep into the history books. the novel takes place in Detroit. I learned so much about Detroit’s past and I discovered that there is much more between the lines that had to be told.

As I said, the novel will be out mid August and will also be on Amazon. It’s a whopper of a mystery and paints a different picture of Detroit. A little bit of history, a lot of fiction, and you have a magical tale in Deadly Sixteen.

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