About Me

DuaneWurstDuane Wurst has been an artist since a young age. Having studied to be an art teacher, Duane taught Jr. High School, but was called to help in the family business. After 10 years as office manager, Duane returned to his art and became a full time “artist”.

Traveling across Michigan and the Midwest, Duane sold his paintings at art festivals and major shopping centers. He classifies his art as photo realism.

Duane met his wife, Sharon, on the road. She was also an artist and together the exhibited until 1998, when they left the grind of selling on the road and decided to lead a more “normal life”. Duane found work a newspaper, using his creative skills, and Sharon helped run their “Michigan Art & Craft Show Magazine”.  The pace was slower and this gave them time to enjoy life.

Today Duane is working on his photography, recreating many of his paintings as prints, and writing the novels he has floating in his mind.

Enjoy the adventure…. Life can be fun when you’re an artist.

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