Making History

(C) Pigeon Historical Society

(C) Pigeon Historical Society

A couple of years ago I joined my local historical society. That day I became the Secretary of the Board and had a mission to scan as many of the historical post cards and photographs as I could. I wanted to preserve those images, in case the original was damaged. I also could fix rips, tears and damages that had already been done.

So far I have scanned over two hundred images and I have also scanned and converted to text hundreds of newspaper articles that were written many years ago. I am addicted to history, now, and my artwork is showing the symptoms. I did a painting of an early pioneer in our area, and won a prize last summer. That image is now in the museum, as a trade. You see, I have been making postcards and enlargements of the images. These images have sold and when they do, I give the museum a commission for the use of the image. The painting was a trade for what I sold last summer.

I am now organizing the images, and newspaper articles into a book on the history of my hometown, Pigeon, Michigan. As I say, my obsession with history has taken over my ART.

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