First Novel By Duane Wurst

First Novel By Duane Wurst

My First Novel
In Search Of Elysium

I was talking to some friends one day, many years ago, and a question came to my mind. “What would happen if we found a spaceship, buried in the ground, that was over two hundred million years old?”

Being a Christian my first thought was that it would change everything I know, or thought I knew. But, would it? “What if it was from God’s homeland. What if it was used by God to create Eden, here on Earth?”

The story was born. But I’m not an author. I’ve edited work by other authors, published other types of books, and used to write poetry when I was young. Could I actually write this story?

It took over five years of thinking and questioning before I heard someone say, “The only way a dream can become reality is with the use of one thing. ACTION. Without action the dream will die. Yes, I can! It took less than a year to finish the novel and I am proud of my work. Of course today I am a better author, but I know that my first novel will always be my first, and hopefully each new book I write, will be as inspired, and better crafted. I know this, “Action gets it started, and practice makes it better!”

An amazon customer wrote:
“I almost immediately fell in love with Kevin, a very special young man, and his equally endearing friends. There is something so genuine and innocent about this crew that rang so true to my own experiences with people with special needs. I really think this was portrayed well. Kudos to Mr. Wurst for treating an often ill used population with such decency.

I enjoyed the story. I typically enjoy horror or epic fantasy so I was surprised that a feel good YA journey did such a good job keeping me interested. The story’s take on the origin of life on earth was new to me and intriguing. I am really interested in how others will feel about this too.

In Search of Elysium is an excellent story sprinkled with adorable characters, a dash or two of mystery and enough adventure to keep the pages turning. Enjoy!”


My Second Novel
Death On The Point

While editing my second novel I became friends with several area authors who invited me to join them in The Huron Area Writers Group, or H.A.W.G. Of course one of the founders of the group is a Harley fan. Most of the writers were doing murder mystery novels, and I became intrigued with the idea of writing a mystery.

Again I came up with and idea involving a young man who was hardworking, and very smart. No, not based on me. The youngster, Colton Blackwell, became a delivery driver for the local newspaper and delivered his papers on Sand Point. I had delivered papers here and used some of my personal experience to make the story real.

While delivering the papers one night, Colton saw two men kill a third man on the beach. He reported the murder, but there was only his word. Because Colton was a teenager, the police decided he was looking for attention and was not a viable witness. Being Colton meant that he had to prove himself. With his classmates, he started his own investigation. The results of his investigation? It almost kills him and his family, but the adventure is told with humor and fast moving action.

“The book was interesting, and exciting right from the start. The characters are believable, and the plot moves right along. Wurst has a unique sense of humor, and a way of making you believe you’re involved in what’s going on. Although the book is aimed at young adults, I found it highly entertaining. “

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