Process in Preparing your Book to Self-Publish:


  1. After discussing your project I give you a formal quote.
  2. I send you the agreement and you make a 50% down payment.
  3. STEP 1- Manuscript Phase (Your Work)
    • WRITING of your manuscript
    • EDITING and proofing (we highly recommend professional editing and proofing. We, can help with this service)
    • You PREPARE the Manuscript (MS Word doc) for us to use in formatting your book.
  4. STEP 2 – Formatting Phase: (Our Work)
    • You provide us your final, fully edited MS Word doc MANUSCRIPT (or we provide the editing service for additional fee)
    • You email book IMAGES as jpg files.
    • We design and format a SAMPLE of Chapters 1 & 2
    • We email a sample of the formatted pages for approval
    • We make corrections to the format, then format the remaining chapters
    • We both proof and correct 1 more time
    • We make any further corrections if needed and provide another proof.
    • For ebook formats, we make the conversion from our “formatted” book document already approved by you, we make sure the file will convert correctly into the epub format..
  5. Cover Design Phase:
    • You send us a cover image if you have one, plus front and back cover text copy, and the ISBN
    • We design 2 concepts for you to choose from.
    • You choose the desired design and have 2 opportunities for minor revisions.
  6. Payment: We email the final invoice with payment required prior to release of the final book files to you via email.
  7. Final File Delivery: We email all final files for required for print or ebook.
  8. Optional Services/Additional Fees: We can assist in uploading files for print or to Amazon, Barns and Novel and/or

What we need to develop your book:

  • Final, edited and proofed file (MS Word doc). We offer editing if needed.
  • Dimensions of book to be printed and name of your chosen self-publisher or printer. (We can advise.)
  • Jpg files for all images used in the book (1MB+ for printed book, or 25kb+ for eBook).
  • Jpg file of the cover image(s), if you have image you want used. Plus we need your photo.
  • Down payment. 50% of the quote.
  • Delivery date, if you have one.

Question: Do I need an ISBN?
Answer: For print, yes if you wish to sell it on Amazon. No if you sell it from a self publishing company or from your own website. For eBooks, it is not required for Amazon or Barnes & Noble, but it is required for Apple, so it is best to at least assign a new ISBN to your ePub file if you plan to sell on the iBookstore. If you publish on Smashwords, they will provide an ISBN and sell through over 10 bookstores including Apple and Sony. You can purchase one or more ISBNs at

Why convert your book into an ebook or epub?

  • Today more ebooks are sold than traditional books, and they will continue to gain popularity.
  • Because ebooks are digital only, they can be sold for less money, while still offering you a good profit.
  • Your customers can by them from their computer or reading devices while at home, work, or on the go.
  • Many ebooks can be stored in the memory of your customers’ computer or reading device.
  • People who have difficulty reading text sizes in printed books can adjust the text size and type of font.
  • Most ebook reading devices allow reading in low light.
  • The epub format has the desirable linkable table of contents.

Producing your epub:


  • First, we design and format your digital manuscript, then convert it so it can be easily made into an ebook. Most formats require reflowable type without pages numbers. We have know the required formatting to successfully upload a file for ebook conversion. We can check the result and if there are problems, we can make the adjustments. A professional ebook is our only goal.

Information and Pricing for Book Layout/Formatting and Cover Design:

Pricing is determined by word count from a MS Word manuscript, and ratio of text:graphic elements or other elements requiring special handling.

What’s INCLUDED and/or ADDITIONAL in the General Pricing?

COVER Layout/Design for Print or eBook

  • 2 custom cover designs from which to choose in the book dimensions agreed upon.
  • Proper digital file set-up of agreed upon book dimensions, for pdf submission to publishing, printing companies and/or eBook sellers.
  • Additional Services: Submission of files to printing company; purchase of more than one illustration for cover; changing book dimensions after the first layouts are presented; more than 2 rounds of revision to chosen cover layout, or need for more than the number of custom designs.

INTERIOR Layout/Design (Formatting) for Printed Books

  • The Professional layout and formatting from the customer’s final, edited and proofed manuscript document (MS Word).
  • Correction of extra white space, paragraph indents and line spacing, mixed fonts, etc., & use of proper styles
  • Required digital file set-up delivered to customer, for PDF submission to publishing, printing companies in the agreed upon size.
  • Additional Services: Manuscript Editing; submission of files to printing company; purchase of images or illustrations; text changes to the formatted PDF proof; changing manuscript or book size after the start of the formatting; indexes.

INTERIOR Layout/Design (Formatting) for eBooks

Same formatting as the print book if possible.

Linkable Table of Contents; Proper text flow for eBook devices; Hyperlinks (up to10)

Coding for the proper layout of Fixed Layout Epubs.

Validation Check for epub file.

Instructions for loading to eBooksellers (will upload your book for a small fee)

Epub and Mobi files (Kindle, Nook, iPad) emailed to customer, if needed.

Additional Services: Purchase of extra images or illustrations; editing & proofing; changes to formatting or text after the final layout is approved, website and Facebook page designed for selling book.

Pricing for Book Layout/Formatting and Cover Design:

Custom COVER Design/Layout – One image provided.

(2 custom designed covers with option of 2 minor revisions) $180 cover for print, $150 for ebook.

Included in service: photo editing for cover layout, extensive photo coverage on front and back, bar code and text on back cover.

Simple Books: INTERIOR Page Layout – Preferably from MS Word document

Primarily straight text with up to 10 images Minimum $180 (print book) $145.00 (eBook)

Good choice for fiction, memoirs, stories, novels, family histories.

Print: $.0025 per word ; ePub (eBook): $.0015 per word

Technical books: Text and graphic elements (no more than 30% of the document). – Minimum $300

Good choice for non-fiction, text books, histories, technical books, religious books, most non-fiction.

Print: $.003 per word ; ePub (eBook): $.002 per word

Complex books: – Minimum $400

Good choice for books with pull quotes, sidebars, columns, tables, footnotes, children’s fixed layout format books. Anything that requires special handling.

Print or fixed layout epub: $5.00 per page

eBook 30% off if ordered with printed book.

Today’s Special:

Standard novel up to 250 pages

Get both print book and eBook for $400.00

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